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Restorative Dentistry Regain Clayton Residents Oral Health

patient in yellow smilingAt Sevens Dental, Dr. Steven R. Dedrickson offers skilled restorative dentistry services to renew oral health following even the most severe decay or damage. From simple one day treatments like fillings to more advanced root canal therapy, we are dedicated to preserving natural dental structures while restoring full form and function following dental damage. Contact our Clayton, MO dental team to find out more or schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from throughout the Greater St. Louis area.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

dental crown examDental crowns allow us to restore even severely damaged teeth to their full form and function. Whether decay or facial trauma has occurred, dental crowns allow us to place a protective cap over the tooth that both restores lost tooth form and structure and protects the tooth from further damage. Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials. We recommend gold for back teeth that may not be as obvious within the smile line, but can benefit from the additional strength of these gold crowns. Patients interested in a combination of strength and cosmetic appeal may want to consider porcelain bonded to metal crowns. However, over time, the porcelain layer of these restoration can wear away revealing the darker colored metal below. That’s why all-ceramic restorations may be the best option for front teeth, as they maintain their flawless appearance even after years of wear. We use dental crowns to restore a variety of concerns including:

  • Severe decay or damage
  • Cosmetic flaws
  • To protect root canal treated teeth
  • To replace missing teeth as part of dental implant supported tooth replacement or a crown supported fixed bridge

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

dentist examining smile with mirrorTraditional fillings were crafted from amalgam and could be a dark, silver color. While these fillings offered durable restoration for minimal decay or damage, they have a number of disadvantages as well. Most significantly, healthy tooth structure was removed to create wedges in the tooth that held the filling in place. Additionally, the amalgams expanded and contracted with changes in temperature allowing bacteria to access the tooth and leading to additional dental damage. Tooth-colored fillings offer a stronger, longer lasting restoration while preserving a larger amount of tooth structure. The composite resin fillings are applied in a putty-like consistency directly to the damaged tooth where they fill in the small grooves and cracks, allowing the dentist to preserve the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure. A curing light is used to harden the filling into position where it forms a tight seal with the natural tooth enamel reducing risk for future decay or damage.

Root Canal Therapy

male patient in painRoot canals are necessary when decay accesses the interior part of the tooth known as the pulp. The entire nerve system, or pain center, of the tooth is housed within this pulp layer. That’s why root canal therapy has a reputation for being so painful. However, root canals actually relieve painful toothaches caused when the tooth’s nerve is damaged. The process is relatively straightforward. Dr. Dedrickson drills a small access hole from the top of the tooth to the pulp. He then removes all of this damaged tissue and nerve refilling the tooth with a similar substance. Finally, we place a filling to close the access hole, and we may recommend placing a dental crown over the top of the tooth to protect it from further damage.

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