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Porcelain Veneers Perfect Clayton Smiles

Woman smiling with white teeth At Sevens Dental, we do more than just promote healthy teeth and gums. We also create beautiful smiles to ensure you remain confident about your appearance. If you are like most adults, you probably do not like how your teeth look. You may have considered procedures in the past to improve them, but you do not want to undergo multiple, lengthy appointments. We understand that you need a simple, minimally invasive approach that will provide drastic, natural-looking results, which is why we offer porcelain veneers in Clayton. In as little as two appointments, you will have the confident, beautiful smile that you have always wanted.

Enhance the Appearance of Your Teeth

Porcelain veneers are thin false fronts that are bonded to the front side of the teeth to cover cosmetic flaws while enhancing their size, shape, and proportion. They are quite versatile, allowing them to be used to hide several cosmetic issues, such as tooth discoloration. However, they are also ideal for hiding chips and cracks while improving the appearance of abnormally shaped teeth, like those that are shorter than average.

In some cases, they can even be used as an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. Veneers can be used to make the teeth appear straighter by covering gaps and minor overcrowding. You will have a straight smile without having to spend months wearing braces.

Many patients have come to choose porcelain veneers from their cosmetic dentist in Clayton because they provide natural-looking results. Porcelain very closely mimics the appearance of enamel, so no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Choose a Minimally Invasive Approach

When compared to veneers of the past, now you can improve the appearance of your smile using a less invasive treatment with your dentist in Clayton. Porcelain in thinner than that of other materials, so less of the tooth’s structure is removed during the bonding process, making it minimally invasive.

After your initial consultation, the first phase of treatment involves cleaning your teeth and removing a small amount of enamel. This is necessary to ensure that they sit flush on your teeth. Then, impressions are taken to send to the dental lab to create your final veneers. While you wait, temporary ones are attached.

In a couple of weeks, your new veneers will be bonded in place. After your final appointment, your new smile can last 10 years or longer with the right aftercare. Caring for them is easy with nonabrasive products, proper oral hygiene, and regular visits to your dentist. It is also best to avoid habits that can damage them, like chewing on your nails or using your teeth as tools.

Get a New Smile Today

If you are ready to love your teeth, it is time to see if porcelain veneers are right for you. Contact Sevens Dental today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to giving you the confidence your need to smile brightly with a customized treatment plan.

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

woman in red shirt trying on porcelain veneers in Clayton

When it comes to correcting aesthetic imperfections in your teeth, no other option is nearly as versatile as porcelain veneers in Clayton. The vast majority of our patients who have received veneers have absolutely loved the way their smiles looked afterward. However, before you invest in this treatment, it helps to learn as much about them as you can. For this reason, we’ve decided to include the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about porcelain veneers down below.

Am I a Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Virtually anyone whose front teeth suffer from cosmetic flaws (like chips, cracks, stains, and minor gaps) could benefit from receiving veneers. However, we must first make sure your teeth and gums are free of disease or infection before veneers can be placed. Any cavities or instances of gum disease have to be treated first. Also, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you may not be a candidate for this treatment, as that could chip, crack, or wear down your veneers.

Does It Hurt to Get Veneers?

Having a portion of your enamel removed might sound like it would be painful, but we’ll make sure to numb that area of your mouth prior to beginning this procedure. You should feel no discomfort during the appointment. Of course, you can expect to feel a little soreness for a few days afterward, especially if you received a large number of veneers. Taking an over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen as needed should be more than enough to handle it, though.

Do Veneers Protect My Teeth from Cavities?

Veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth. Because they do not completely replace the tooth, you’re still susceptible to cavities even in teeth that have undergone treatment with veneers. To prevent decay in these teeth, make sure to brush and floss every day and visit your cosmetic dentist in Clayton at least twice a year for a professional checkup and cleaning.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

We really can’t answer this question without first examining your mouth and designing your veneers. No two veneers are exactly alike, and neither are any two costs of treatment. The price you’ll pay will depend on a few factors, like how many you’re getting and on which teeth they’re being placed. Depending on your individual insurance plan, you may be eligible for partial coverage of your veneers, but our team would first have to take a look at your plan. If you don’t have dental insurance, we can help you apply for a third-party financing plan called CareCredit, which allows you to take out a loan to fund your treatment and pay it back at whatever rate is most convenient for you.

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